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About us

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Sandra Baughan

CQN founder

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The Care Quality Network CIC  has developed from an in depth understanding of grass roots front line practice, rather than from corporate ambition. Our aim is to provide a collaborative platform for everyone involved in delivering, and improving, adult social care.   

We provide a Community of Practice to support integration between health and social care and to raise the profile of the social care workforce, which is often undervalued. 

Our vision

Like many other people, we have long been frustrated at the barriers to communication and collaboration presented by the fragmented nature of social care.  Our vision is to provide everyone working in health and social care with access to a national network which supports a vibrant Community of Practice.  CQN will be a space where we can communicate effectively, support each other, and work in partnership to continually improve quality in care.

"Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly".

Our aims


CQN provides an effective platform for everyone interested in the provision of adult social care to communicate effectively and support quality improvement.


The CQN Knowledge Hub provides access to a wide range of trustworthy, digital resources and saves precious time when searching for guidance.


Stakeholders from all disciplines are supported to share knowledge and innovations, promote continual improvement, and recognise the value of research.


CQN membership offers peer support, networking opportunities and reduces feelings of isolation.

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