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  • What is the Care Quality Network?
    The Care Quality Network (CQN) is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company which supports people working in health and social care to find and share information, innovate and improve. We support a Community of Practice which enables collaboration throughout the social care sector while, at the same time, providing effective communication channels to support integration between social care and health.
  • Who can join the Care Quality Network?
    CQN membership is open to everyone working in health or social care. Examples of members include: Care home and/or domiciliary care managers. Senior managers from social care. Care team members Administrators Activities co-ordinators Allied health professionals Researchers Members of other organisations that support social care Training providers/mentors Commissioners of adult social care
  • What is the Knowledge Hub?
    The Knowledge Hub is a carefully curated collection of links to reliable information and guidance for the care sector. It has been designed to allow care managers and their teams to access information quickly and easily, safe in the knowledge that only trustworthy sources are listed. Access to the Knowledge Hub allows managers and their teams to stay up to date quickly and efficiently. The Knowledge Hub is constantly expanding but, if you cannot find the resource you need, let us know and we will endeavour to locate what you require.
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